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Ankara Kitchen

Ankara, is a province that includes the best recipes of all cuisines via benefiting its geographic location of being located on the heart of Anatolia. You may find the world cuisines’ elite recipes all around in Ankara, too. But of course Ankara has also its own specific tastes.

If you want to discover the local tastes of Ankara, we especially advise you to drive through Beypazari. And do not forget to taste Ankara pan fry, höşmerim (local traditional dessert) and Beypazarı stuffed vegetables while you are there.

Ankara Pan Fry is a recipe where rice, meat, tomato, paprika and butter turns into an incredible taste and it is a recipe mostly preferred in private celebrations by the local citizens of Ankara. Höşmerim is also one of the local, traditional tastes that you need to experience in Ankara. This dessert, is made in Ankara different from the Höşmerim of Balıkesir without cheese. Apart from the unique tastes specific to region as Bazlama (flatbread), rice with lentil, Ankara sesame ring (simit), entekke börek (tuck), we advise you to taste the delicious Döner (pressed lamb roasted on a large vertical spit) in Old City inside the Castle made in coal fire.


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