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Rixos / Frequently Asked Questions

Rixos Hotels, which has adopted perfection in service and to provide happiness and satisfaction...

What is the  meaning of "RIXOS" ?.

Our Group is named after Rixos who is one of the seven hero founders (B.C. 1000) of the city of Perge. His father Lykos is the son of Pamdion, the King of Athens.

What is the "All Exclusive & All Inclusive" Concept ?

We, as the Rixos team, know that each of our guests want to feel privileged and that they certainly deserve this.

The principle we summarize as "All Exclusive & All Inclusive" is a concept in which we come up to the high expectations of our guests by offering private services and unique tastes with an all inclusive system.

Our guests deserve the best.

And we offer the best.

We wanted our guests to experience unforgettable moments!

Our warm hospitality that starts off with the service of lokum, cologne and cooled towels as a treat at the Reception desk, continues like a fairy tale when our guests enter their rooms and find flowers and a basket of fruits inside.

We have added "Perfection in Service" to the characteristic of the traditional Turkish culture that has taken shape within centuries through the understanding of hospitality and courtesy.

How  do i make a resevation ?

E-Mail: sales@rixos.com.

Rixos Premium Belek
P: +90 242 710 20 00
Rixos Sungate
P: +90 242 824 00 00
Rixos Premium Bodrum
P: +90 252 444 15 79
Rixos Premium Tekirova
P: +90 242 821 40 32
Rixos Lares
P: +90 242 352 00 55
Rixos Grand Ankara
P: +90 312 410 55 00
Rixos Konya
P: +90 332 221 50 00
Rixos Libertas Dubrovnik
P: +385 20 200 00
Rixos President Astana
P: +7 317 224 50 50
Rixos Almaty
T: +7 727 300 33 00
Rixos Al Nasr Tripoli
P: +218 362 29 01
Rixos Prikarpatye
P: +38 032 477 11 11
Rixos Taksim Istanbul
P:+90 212 291 17 61
Rixos Downtown Antalya
P:+90 242 249 49 49 
Rixos The Palm Dubai
P: +971 4 457 55 55
F: +971 4 368 66 97
Rixos Pera İstanbul
P:+90 212 377 70 00
F:+90 212 373 01 99

In what ways are you  different than others?

A new approach has been brought into the jigsaw puzzle of tourism made on behalf of Turkey.

"RIXOS", with its high quality approach, has adopted the "boutique service" concept for its offerings in entertainment, food and beverage; and by blending all these with quality and comfort, has adopted guest satisfaction as the top principle. 

How do you  manage to employ this many educated and genial staff ?

With its approach to private training given all year long, Human Resources has proven that people can really be held in high esteem. As a result of RIXOS? new position within the market, many enterprises including important brands have started to feel the need to improve their own structures.


We are permanent guests of RIXOS hotels. Do you  have special discounts or any card system or so for us?

We have tried to do something about this. In the near future, guests of Rixos Hotels will own one out of three specially designed cards, according to the number of days they stayed in the hotels and their expenditure.

These cards will offer special discounts, privileges and advantages to their owners. It will soon be possible to learn more detailed information in this subject at www.rixos.com..


What kind of services do you offer in the plane ?

Diligently selected foods and with a distinguished service understanding, all food is served by our hostess, there is a VIP hall, you may listen to music, airshow and watch DVD's.

Moreover, there is a telephone within the airplane, which you can use for international calls.


What kind of services do you offer in the helicopter ?

According to your program, we offer to pick you up from the closest available spot to you and then make it possible to get to places unattainable with scheduled airlines.

There are leather seats and personal headphones within the aircraft. Moreover, you can make sightseeing tours to view cities and historical localities with the ones you love.



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  • Rixos Premium Belek
  • Rixos Premium Bodrum
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  • Rixos Sungate
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  • Rixos Downtown Antalya
  • Rixos Lares
  • Rixos Taksim İstanbul
  • Rixos Pera İstanbul
  • Rixos Grand Ankara
  • Rixos Eskişehir
  • Rixos Konya
  • Rixos Libertas Dubrovnik
  • Rixos Al Nasr Tripoli
  • Rixos President Astana
  • Rixos Almaty
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  • Rixos The Palm Dubai
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