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The History and Culture of Konya

The province of Konya that we can call an open air museum, started to work as a residential site in the Neolithic Age. Konya which is the host to  several important civilizations during the History was the host to Seljukians, Karamanogullari and Ottoman civilizations during the Turkish History. Konya, which is located on the Silk Road and that is also a significant station located on the Silk Road, reflects the specific characteristics of Turkish Culture and Art with architectural works perfectly in harmony. The famous author Ahmet Hamdi Tanpınar did not write his lines of "travel the world, and see Konya" for nothing!

Konya that was the capital city of the Anatolia Seljukians for two centuries, had an important position culturally within this era. During this time the important characters of science and art world have visited Konya and completed their works here.

Mevlana Celaleddin Rumî that effected the whole world with his philosophy is a poet and a Sufi Philosopher whose name is identified with Konya. Şems-i Tebrizi, Bahaeddin Veled, Muhyiddin Arabi and Kadı Burhaneddin are only a few of the Philosophers who visited Konya or who are the inhabitants of Konya.

Another important historical character of Konya that was a cultural capital city during the Seljukian Age is definitely Nasreddin Hoca who is even today remembered in our daily life. Konya became the favourite province of the Sultans after that it became the part of the Ottoman Empire in 1467.


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