Rixos Hotels offers many new experiences with their   ‘’Rixos Additions’’

Rixos Hotels offers many new experiences with their ‘’Rixos Additions’’


Rixos Hotels offers many new experiences with their ‘’Rixos Additions’’

Rixos Hotels welcomes the new season with a lot of different, colourful and innovative new experiences. Restaurants made of sand, fragrant pillow menu, farm for kids, music academy and more are waiting for Rixos guests to enjoy .

Rixos Hotels welcome new season with many renewals. Rixos Hotels - located on the best points of Mediterranean ve Aegean costs-  meet the new season with restaurants made of sand, fragrant pillow menu, farms and music academy for kids to make the guests holidays one of the most remarkable one.

Rixos Hotels - where the kids and the adults feel special- has many new activity choices for the kids to make their holiday more enjoyable and educational. Kids will have a holiday without missing their parents, feel mature and free to have a dream holiday. Kids will have fun and educational time with Rixy Club activities. At the same time they will discover the magical codes of nature in Rixy Farm.  This year’s holiday may be a great oppuntunity for the kids to discover their musical and artistic talents in the music and caricature academy where they will have the opportunity to experience playing musical instruments and expressing their artistic flair!

Rixos Sungate’s sand restaurant

Rixos Sungate – located on one of the most beautiful bays of Antalya, Beldibi- offers unique romantic ambiance to the guests. Couples will enjoy the various tastes of international cuisine with outstanding views of the sunset and seasparkles in KUMM restaurant.

Guests staying in Rixos Sungate will have a selection of fragrant pillows to choose from. Guests will also have  a chance to opt for anti – alergic rooms cleaned with nano technology.

Relax and Powerplate

Rixos Lares – located on the Lara district of Antalya- offers alterntive sports to its guests as well as outstanding nature. All Rixos Lares guests will have great oppurtunity to attend the powerplate classes free of charge. Rixos Tekirova offers late night snack addition to its full board concept. Rixo Mixo will serve special dishes to the late night birds.  

Rixos Dowtown Antalya reveals its film archives

Cinema fans who want to watch various international movies are welcome to hire movies from the rich archive of Rixos Downtown Antalya. All guests  have free access to wi-fi.

A Dream Holiday in Rixos Premium Bodrum

Guests  of Bodrum Peninsula will have the unique chance of experiencing an unforgetable stay whilst enjoying breathtaking nature and untouched coastline. Along with villas set amongst the private island of  Rixos , guests will enjoy the signature Rixos luxury and high quality service. 


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