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Look at the world from the summit of an excellent holiday...


With a brand new approach to the luxury hotel concept; Rixos Hotels offers unprecedented privileges. Unlimited and excellent services are essential at private VIP section. You will relax with excellent, comfortable, convenient and luxurious  opportunities including without limited to accommodations, facilities, swimming pools and beach services, butler service, yacht and private jet.

Quality and luxury are combined for top-level service provisions at Rixos Hotels. Restaurants, bars, beaches, and private piers dedicated to VIP guests only safeguard  a distinctive and privileged holiday experience at Rixos Hotels.

Every single detail has been considered in advance for comfortable and luxurious villas of various sizes; very special living spaces for yourselves and for your family, butler service, breakfast service, privileged booking at restaurants and bars, babysitting services offer privileges.

In addition to airport-hotel shuttle services; business halls designed for the purpose will enable VIP guests of Rixos Hotels to safeguard a pleasant holiday experience with no interruption on the flow of holiday.

Enabling VIP guests to reach any desired destination around the world through modern business jet aircrafts, Rixos Hotel reveal its distinguished service provisions. Aircrafts are eligible for holding meetings, and are safe, high speed and comfortable Confidentiality is strictly followed in our service provisions. Furthermore, another exciting service provision of Rixos Exclusive is the helicopter option that can be used for daily excursions or for high speed transportation.

VIP guests  are most welcome to enjoy the private yachts in the world of Rixos Hotels. The guests of Rixos may enjoy their holiday accompanied by the professional crew, or organise meetings onboard for any urgent business calls.