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Historical and Touristic Locations of Ankara

Mausoleum of Ataturk

Mausoleum of Ataturk located at the Anıttepe, has been opened in 1960 to protect the tomb of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk and with also the function of a museum. On the right hand side of the Road with lions that lead the guests to Mausoleum there is the Independence Tower, and on the left hand side is the Freedom Tower. Mausoleum which is a symbolic place of our Republic that contains four main sections, became the station where the political and burocratic guests visited.

Anatolian Civilizations Museum

Anatolian Civilizations Museum has been founded as the first museum of Ankara in 1921 Museum shelters the ruins and leftovers in its collection from the Anatolian Archaeology starting from the paleolithic Age to Ottoman Empire Era. Anatolian Civilizations Museum that is located in Ulus is always open to visitors every day of the week.

Ankara Etnography Museum

Ankara Etnography Museum that carries the signature of the Republican Age’s important Architects Arif Hikmet Koyunoğlu, exhibits the visitors the historical pieces left traces from the Seljukian Age to today in turkish culutural history. Museum also possesses a rich collection of Library focussed on the Anatolian Art History and Etnography.

Augustus Temple

The Augustus Temple located in Ulus, constructed in the name of Phrygian god Men B.C. 25. The additional part was added to the main building by Galatian King Pylamenes in the name of Roman Empire Augustus on the tenth century A.D. The temple is the host to Monumentum Ancyranum that is known today as Ankara Temple.

Ankara Castle

Another important location which has an important place in the History of Ankara is certainly the Ankara Castle. The castle is assumed that it was constructed by the Hittites consist of inner castle and the surrounding outer castle. Ankara castle that is told within the travelogue of Evliya Celebi was also a host to Roman, Byzantium, Seljukian and Ottoman Civilizations. The castle where you can find souvenir shops and spice shops with rich traditional spice arts is one of the most frequently visited touristic places of the city.

Roman Bath

Roman Bath that was made in the name of the Health God Asklepios during the 3rd century A.D. by Roman Empire Caracalla is located on the Cankiri Street. In the end of a big fire on the 8th century the Roman Bath was collapsed actually a tumulus that carries traces of two eras. There are ruins on the upper part left from the Roman Age and just below the ruins from the Phrygian Age. In the Roman Bath there are sections called "coldness room" with swimming pools and changing room and "tepidity room" and "warm rooms" where people can have a bath.

Gordion Ancient City

Gordion Ancient City, is located in the Yassıhöyük Village near to Polatli. The city of Gordion that always was a significant residential area during the history for the entire civilizations ruled in this region, became the capital city of Phrygia during the 8th century B.C. During the era of Hittites and Assyrians the province protected its significance. During the excavation works in the year 1950, it was came into existence that these lands belongs to a palace of Phrygians, a tomb of Hittites and the Tomb of Midas who is one of the most important figures of Anatolian History. Midas, is a famous king with his donkey ears who is described and portrayed in many historical works of art that reach to our time.

After the wars, Kimmers and Persians captured the city of Gordion from the Phrygians and put an end to the History of Phrygians that ruled these lands; but the Galatians occupied the city of Gordion in the year 278 B.C. burned the city out.

The city of Gordion is actually a source of a legend that continued centuries long. According to this legend, there was a node that noone achieved to solve in the Zeus Temple located in the province. What was told was like, the one who will solve this node, would be the commander of the entire Asia. The famous Macedonian King the Great Alexander succeeded in solving this node with his sword when he arrived to the province Gordion in the year 33 B.C.


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