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Historical Places of Antalya

Ancient Cities of Antalya

Perge Ancient City

Perge Ancient City, is located in district Aksu that is 18 kilometers eastwards away from Antalya. With the effect of the Aksu river it has always got a strategic significance during the history. The province which is famous for its Architecture and Sculptures, was the most organized cities of Anatolia during the Roman Period. Perge Ancient City that is supposed to be founded before the Trojan War, is located on the ancient road between Bergama-Side.

Olympos Ancient City

One of the other Ancient cities of Antalya to be seen is Olympos. Olympos Ancient city that is located on the southern part of Antalya is supposed to be founded during the Hellenistic Age. Olympos, that is the most important and iconic locations of the Greek Mythology is famous for its historical and mythological importance, wonderful nature, vegetation, Caretta Caretta turtles and bright sea.

Termessos Ancient City

Another very important station of your Antalya holiday is Termessos Ancient City. The province that is located 30 kilometers northwest, is founded on a natural platform on the top of the Güllük Mountain (Solymos). With its rich flora and fauna the Termessos Ancient City is considered a national park. Termessos that entered the stage of history on the year 334 B.C. with the passing of Great Alexander over the district. Termessos divided into three parts as Acropolis, City Centrum and Necropolis. In the city that had its brightest time during the Roman Period, its walls, Hadrian gate, gymnasium, theatre, odeons and cisterns are worth to be visited.

Aspendos Ancient City

Aspendos is also definitely one of the first Ancient Cities that comes to mind. Aspendos Ancient City, is located on the eastern part of the district Serik on the year 10 B.C. by the Aka Civilization. The most important value of the city Aspendos Antique Theatre, is constructed on the second century A.D. by the Roman Empire. The theatre is one of the most robust and original remained theatres among the antique theatres in the world. It is known that the Architect of the theatre si the son of Theodorus from Aspendos Zenon.

Phaselis Ancient City

Phaselis Ancient City, is located 16 kilometers western side of Kemer. The ancient city that is full of pine and cedar trees is founded by the Rhodesians. Phaselis Ancient City has a strategic significance with its three harbours during the Lycia Civilization and it was possible to reach there via sea. Phaselis where you can reach both via sea and highway is a priceless region with its antique value and beach for the tourists.


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