Lock, Stock & Barrel

Welcome to the trendiest, craziest and undoubtedly best Bar in Dubai!Lock,Stock & Barrel has taken Dubai's Nightlife by sword and ax, by storm and thunder.If you want to 'locked in' and absolutely barreled' then what are you waiting for?
Phone:04 392 7120

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Godiva Cafe

In the middle of the JBR ,this is the place to sit and enjoy the amazing view of Ain Dubai with outstanding beverages and indulgences from the very Belgium itself.

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Ammos Greek Restaurant

Imagine yourself in a Greek Town and having amazingly fresh fish dishes.In Dubai , there is only one restaurant that can give you this authentic feeling: Ammos Greek Restaurant.The vibes that you will feel , the breeze of fresh sea air ; combined with an immaculate menu will make your night more than worthwhile.
For Reservation
Phone:052 777 9473

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Black Tap Craft Burgers& Shakes

Monstrously Crafted Delicious Shakes:Check.Award-Winning Burgers:Check.If you want to know more come and check.
For Reservations
Phone: 04 399 9076

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Luigia Ristorante

Belissimo! If you want to find out the best pizza in town , then look no further:Luigia Ristorante. The authentic ,unique dining experience in the hearth of the Dubai even rivals the restaurants in Italy.For Reservations
Phone:04 349 6950

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Food... Meet Party!

STK, an outstanding modernized American Steakhouse, where you can party and savor a classy one of a kind meal.If you want to indulge yourself with a good ol' American meal and have a party out of this world; then STK is your destination.

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Asil Restaurant

In the middle of the JBR , there is no way classier and fancier place you can find.Meet: Asil restaurant.This place will indulge you in a very Modern Arabic dishes that , you will find yourself in Orient Express.If you don't want to miss this exclusive ride, then:
Phone:04 520 0055

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