UK Bank Holiday

Magnificent Bank Holiday Getaway at Rixos Sungate! 

27 – 31 May 2024 

Enjoy stage shows and live music performances while indulging in the sea, sun and the beauty of nature. Elevate your Bank Holiday with tranquility, pleasure and unique entertainment. Get ready for an unforgettable escape at Rixos Sungate, where every moment turns into a masterpiece.

  • Complete your day with a sports activity and take advantage of the modern facilities of World Class.
  • Discover the Rixy Kids Club with your children.
  • Capture the energy of the day with “Dj & Handram Performance”
  • Discover flavors that cater to your palate at our A la Carte restaurants.
  • Enjoy the Night with "Yinyang" Sunset Music and Live Performance by "Louis"
  • Crown your day with music by watching the show named "Symphonyx Jazz"
  • Experience an unforgettable opera performance with the show “Symphonyx Opera”
  • Capture the essence of the night at the “EGO” show by indulging in your favorite beverages while immersing yourself in the captivating sounds.

Each day will be perfectly planned for an unforgettable Bank Holiday, seamlessly blending with the beauty of the sea, sun and nature, and enriched with spectacular performances.