Mr. Tailor Steakhouse


The steakhouse is inspired by the tailor’s attention to details which is translated into every dish through meticulous preparation and an obsessive approach to the art of cooking. 

Prime cuts and unusual cuts are care fully prepared to provide classy and great-depth of perfection.


Everyday 18:00 - 00:00 


+974 4429 8666

*Restaurant reservation confirmation letter is required at the hotel entrance.

Elegant, Classic

A classic steakhouse influences with elevated sophistication.

Prime and Unusual

We source the finest meat from butchers spread across five different origins, USA, Brazil, Scotland/UK, Australia and Japan. We pay homage to the meat's country of origin by preparing it in an authentic style.

The Style And Elegance

With our live performances, broad menu choices, classic mixology with Mr. tailor’s twist, and lounge we bet you will have a unique experience every time.

The bar menu designed across 5 different origins; from boutique collection of Bourbon from U.S, Pisco & Cachaça based cocktails from Latin World, Signature Scotch, Australian Wines and Japanese Whiskies, Gins, Vodka & Sake. 

Enjoy Upscale Dining