Privé Dinners ve Privé Sunset

Club Privé by Rixos Belek offers two remarkable events filled with unique experiences: Privé Dinners and Privé Sunset. These events are designed for those seeking to create unforgettable memories.

Privé Dinners presents a fusion of gastronomy and visual spectacle. Showcasing exclusive menus by Michelin-starred chefs, it satisfies your palate with extraordinary flavors. Alongside the culinary delights, live music and stage performances add vibrancy to your evening. In a delightful atmosphere conducive to pleasant conversations, this event promises an unforgettable night.

Privé Sunset, on the other hand, awaits those who want to capture the enchanting moments of the evening. Presented with signature cocktail recipes crafted by expert mixologists, this event unfolds amidst music and dancing. As the light gently fades, you'll relish your favorite cocktail while witnessing the colorful symphony of the sea and sky.

Club Privé by Rixos Belek goes beyond the ordinary with Privé Dinners and Privé Sunset. Inviting you to share these special moments, it welcomes those who aspire to collect unforgettable memories within a luxurious and flavor-rich atmosphere. For the most exclusive experiences, you are invited to Club Privé.