Rixos Sailing Cup

Four years ago, we invited everyone who never had the opportunity, dared or even thought about sailing, to the ‘ Rixos Sailing Cup’ and said, ‘ let the friendship win!

We broke new ground with the challenging recetrack originating from the letter X of Rixos that we designated with Turkey Sailing Federation, Göcek Sailing Club and committes of teferees. With a higher participation than we expected, we both pleased our guest and set o to the nights in the sailing world prepared with the distinguishing style of Rixos.

Thrill starts again! With the support of Marinturk, we are getting ready for the 2020 races to improve the sailing in our country, pull away from daily life stress, meet with the prominent names of Turkey under ona sail and reward the athletes of sailing together with art, sports, media and politics communities.

Come and race this year, take a look at the blue waters from a dierent perspective and make adierence. Valse through the waves in the world famous bays of Gocek in October, and ‘ let the friendship win again’...